Blue Pin Up Braid Bonnet
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Blue Pin Up Braid Bonnet

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This long pocket bonnet has elastic to keep it snug to stay on while you sleep. It is double lined with satin. Comes with a button snap lock to pin up and secure it off of your neck. 

 The flat elastic at the circumference to keep them snug to that they’ll stay on all night while you sleep. It has a button attached to the bottom of the pocket to pin it up off of your neck when needed. 

The long pocket bonnets fit comfortably and are perfect for braids, dreadlocks and long hair styles. The double layered satin is soft and smooth. 

This bonnet is equipped with a thick, wide and durable elastic band to keep it in place, even while you sleep. No more waking up with frizzy hair. It will keep your hairstyle looking fresh and amazing. Absolutely soft, breathable and hypoallergenic for maximum comfort. This long bonnet is designed for even the most restless of sleepers.

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