Satin Lined Wig Cap
Satin Lined Wig Cap
Satin Lined Wig Cap
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Satin Lined Wig Cap

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If you are into protective styling with wigs, then now you can protect your hair and keep it healthy underneath your wig. This stocking wig cap has a lot of stretch and keeps your hair flat. It makes your wig lay flat and look super natural.

The Mesh cap is another option just like the nylon stocking cap wig caps. Some ladies with lots of hair prefer the mesh over the nylon. The netting allows it to stretch more to cover all their hair. 
This cap is essential to comfortable and successful wig wearing. This sheer black wig cap stretches to cover your own hair, helping to hold hair in, so it won't stick out from under the wig. After you have the wig cap securely in place, put the wig on over the top of the wig cap. 


Please watch this quick video showing how it works and discussing it further. (copy and paste link into your browser):

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